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Contractual Relations

The contractual relation between the Travel Agency Ingtours Ltd. (hereinafter Ingtours) and the customer is based on a Tour Contract agreed by the customer (or. his legal representative) and confirmed by Ingtours (or. Its authorized dealer), resp. Proforma Invoice and enters into force on the advance payment to Ingtours' account.
The contents of the contract is determined by this contract / travel confirmation or Internet offer referring to the number of series / events and these General Terms and Conditions or the Special Conditions attached to the contract as its integral part.

The customer confirms to agree with the Ingtours Terms and Conditions by handing over completed Tour Contract / Proforma Invoice. Ingtours commits to provide all the services to agreed scope and quality by confirming the Travel information / Proforma Invoice.
Ingtours reserves the right to change prices, and place of residence with the fact that it is obliged to inform the customer immediately and to agree with him any change in conditions. If the customer does not agree with the additional change, he has the right of contract withdrawal without charge.

Payment Terms

The customer is obliged to pay for the tour in advance and to pay for any individual services prior to their provision.
The customer is obliged to pay a deposit of minimum 10% of the total price (including optional services) at the contract agreement. The remaining price has to be paid no later than 10 days prior the departure. In the case the contractual relations start less than 30 days prior the departure the customer is obligated to pay 100% of the total price.
The payment... (payment methods e.g. money order, bank transfer, cash deposit, credit card payment)... shall be realized by crediting the account of Ingtours.
In case the customer fails to comply the payment deadline Ingtours is entitled to cancel his participation in the travel. In such case the customer pays all costs associated with the cancellation (cancellation fee).


The package price means the price specified in the Travel Contract/ Travel Confirmation / Proforma Invoice. The customer has no right to apply for a discount if the discount was announced by Ingtours after the date of contract conclusion.
Ingtours is entitled to unilaterally increase the price of the travel up to 21 days prior the departure in the event of price increase of:
a) transport prices incl. fuel prices by an amount corresponding to the proportion which falls on one customer, when the overall price increase for this reason, divided by the total number of customers of this travel(here and below may be mentioned any method of calculation - but it must be stated)
b) payments related to transport, which are included in the price, an amount equivalent to the additional payment per person.
c) the exchange rate of the Czech Crown used in determining the ttravel price by more than 10% of the amount corresponding to the percentage of change in the rate of the price of services paid in foreign currency. The day the service price was set is stated in the catalogue, price list or other form of offer.
Written notice of the price increase has to be sent by Ingtours to the customer no later than 21 days prior to departure.
Shall Ingtours be forced to increase the price of the travel for other than the above stated reasons, the customer will be offered a contract amendment (see below).

Customers Rights and Obligations

The basic rights of the customer include:
a) the right for proper provision of contracted and paid services
b) the right to obtain additional information if not available on the Internet, esp. a contact person to whom the customer can turn in case of emergency (local Ingtours representative, embassy-address and phone number), details of contact for under-aged person, respectively. Ingtours representative in the place of residence of the under-aged person, in the case the travel participant is under-aged person.
c) the right to be informed of any changes in contracted services
The right to cancel services at any time before the commencement by a withdrawal from the
contract under the conditions of paragraph...

(Contract Withdrawal by the Customer, the Cancellation Fee)
d) the right to announce Ingtours about change of customer based on notification that includes a statement of the new customer agreeing with the Travel Contract and fulfils all the conditions to participate in the tour. This notice must be delivered to Ingtours by the 21days deadline prior to departure. Both customers (original and new one) are jointly and equally liable for the payment of the travel price and the costs connected with the customer change.
e) the right to complain in accordance with Ingtours Complaints Procedure
f) the right to personal data protection against unauthorized person
g) the right to receive Liability Insurance in case of bankruptcy as part of the travel contract document including insurance company, insurance conditions and claiming method
h) The right to extra-judicial resolution of consumer disputes; materially competent body for extra-judicial settlement of consumer disputes: Czech Business Inspection,
i) The customer that bought goods or service through Internet and is a consumer, can use online platform to possible disputes settling. The more detailed information about  dispute settling conditions are given on

Basic client responsibilities include:
a) providing Ingtours cooperation needed for proper provision of services, especially full and true filling of required forms and submitting the necessary documents.
b) ensure that person under 15 years is accompanied and supervised by an adult participant throughout the travel and appropriate accompaniment and supervision of person whose medical condition requires it.
c) report participation of foreign nationals.
d) pay the price of the travel in accordance with the Payment Terms. Provide proof of payment; If the customer fails to pay the full package price within the payment deadline Ingtours is entitled to cancel his participation and charge the corresponding cancellation fee.
e) inform Ingtours of his opinions to any changes in the conditions and contents of the contracted services without undue delay.
f) collect the Ingtours documents necessary for obtaining services
g) follow the instructions of the tour guide or another person authorised by Ingtours, comply with the program, observe the rules and regulations of the country, respectively location, building. In case of infringement or serious program distortions during the travel Ingtours is entitled to be expelled from the travel. Customer loses the right to further services as well as the right to compensation for unused services.
h) refrain from any action that might endanger, harm or limit other participants of the travel
i) reimburse any eventual damage caused in vehicle or an accommodation etc. where he was receiving any services arranged through the Travel Contract.
j) to ensure of timely and proper claims against the suppliers services according to Complaints Procedure.

Ingtours Rights and Obligations

1) Ingtours rights and obligations are based on corresponding costumers rights and obligations mentioned in article a.
2) Ingtours is obliged to truthfully and properly inform the customer about all facts that are important for the customer and known to Ingtours, concerning the agreed services.
3) Ingtours is not obligated to provide customer fulfilment beyond the previously confirmed and paid services.
4) Ingtours is obliged to have an insurance policy for case of bankruptcy and inform the customer that the certificate is placed on the website to download for free.
5) Any damage compensation resulting from the breach of contract by the travel agency, Ingtours is not obliged to pay a sum in excess of limitations in accordance with international agreements by which the Czech Republic is bound.

Changes to agreed services and their legal consequences, Travel cancellation
1) Prior the departure and using services
    a) If there are any circumstances that prevent Ingtours from providing services according to     agreed     conditions, it is obliged to make corresponding changes (e.g. itinerary, route or price)     or cancel the travel. Ingtours is obliged to inform the customer of such changes without     undue delay.
    b) The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract and refund the price paid or     deposit or to transfer the amount paid to cover the price of substitute fulfilment without any     cancellation fee:
     - cancellation of the travel by Ingtours
    - changing the dates of the travel by more than 1 day
    - major changes in program, sightseeing tours, accommodation place for package tours,  transport and price of travel; changes in accommodation for a the same or higher category, replacement, change in order of visited places, change of arrival / departure route for traffic, safety, etc. are not considered major changes.
  c) If the customer doesn't withdraw from the contract within 5 days of receiving updated notification it is considered that the changes were agreed.

2) During the travel
a) Ingtours is entitled to make operational changes to the program and provided services during the travel if for serious reasons it is not possible to comply previously agreed programs and services. In such case Ingtours is obliged:
    - provide an alternative program and services in the scope and quality identical or similar to the original conditions, respectively corresponding to original tour intention
    - give the customer a refund for all services not provided
    - provide the customer a discount from the price of services, which were included in the package price and were not provided to the full extent and quality

    If Ingtours provides alternatives for services at the same or higher quality (e.g. accommodation in another hotel of the same or higher standard), further claims by the     customer are excluded.
    Ingtours reserves the right to change the factual and time schedule due to force majeure situation,  state authorities decisions or exceptional circumstances (uncertain security     situation, strikes, transport problems, accidents and other circumstances that Ingtours was unable to influence or predict), and assumes no liability for consequences arising from the program change and travel price.
b) For accommodation abroad are the first and last day designed especially to provide transportation, transfers and accommodation are not considered full part of. In this sense, can not be claimed event. "shortening the stay."
c) CK is not responsible for any delay due to technical reasons, for reasons of bad weather,. because of the traffic, border crossings, strikes or force majeure; Passengers must take possible delays into account when planning connections, holiday, business dates, etc.  In case of any delay the customer is not entitled to withdraw from the contract or damage claim.

Withdrawal from the contract by the customer, cancellation fees
The customer has the right to withdraw from the travel contract at any time prior to departure. This withdrawal must be in writing. (Letter or email).
The contractual relation and the participation is cancelled on the day the written withdrawal (cancellation) is delivered to Ingtours.
If the customer withdrawals from the contract he agrees to pay the following cancellation fee:

• Cancellations within 30 days before the start of the tour: 200, -CZK per person
• 29 - 14 days before arrival = 40% of the total price
• 13 - 8 days before arrival = 80% of the total price
• 7 days or less before arrival = 100% of the total price

The total price means the full selling price (including all optional services).
In case one person in a double room cancels, the remaining person shall pay the extra cost for a single room, similarly to proceed in case bungalow / apartment is accommodated by a smaller number of people.
The calculation of cancellation days also includes the day when the travel was cancelled. The number of days does not include the first day of the travel (departure or tour departure).
If the customer fails to arrive for the travel or misses the departure he will be expelled from the travel, Ingtours is entitled to reimbursement of the full travel cost.(with the exception of proven cost-savings of Ingtours)
In case the customer cancels part of the tour or doesn't use some of the paid services during the travel, he is not entitled to financial compensation for unused services.

If the customer requests rebooking for different dates or hotel and Ingtours can do so, the customer is obliged to pay a fee of 100, - CZK per day/per person

Complaints, liability for damages

The customer is entitled to claim in case the scope or quality of services provided is lower than it was previously agreed. The customer is obligated to file a complaint in a timely manner without undue delay. Filing a complaint promptly will allow the removal of defects immediately, whereas with hindsight conclusiveness and objectiveness of the assessment becomes difficult and therefore the opportunity for proper settlement of the claim. Filing a complaint at the point of service can be done either orally or in writing and the customer is obliged to cooperate in its implementation and execution. The complaint requirements must be applied with Ingtours without undue delay. Claims may also be applied to an intermediary travel agency or agent. If the customer does not apply his rights from liability for faults in provided services without undue delay-up to 1 month from the end of the travel, Ingtours will not agree to any price reduction. (see Complaints Procedure)

The customer is obliged to cooperate in order to prevent possible damage or to minimize it upon the occurrence of the fault. The customer shall notify the delegate or manager of the establishment providing services or any other responsible person immediately in order to implement immediate correction. If a customer forgets to point out the faults he is not entitled to a discount. If the fault can not be corrected, the guide/delegate, or another responsible person fills in a complaint protocol with the customer. The customer is obligated to provide the necessary assistance to the complaint.
Ingtours takes no responsibility for services on events that are not part the travel and that the customer booked by the guide at the hotel or at a different organization.

In case of circumstances which action or results are not related to Ingtours activities (see major) or any circumstances that don't allow the customer to fully use ordered and paid for services secured by Ingtours the customer is not entitled to reimbursement or reduction of the price of these services, unless agreed otherwise.  
If the travel is cancelled due to the majeure force Ingtours is obligated to take all measures to transport the customer back.

Ingtours is not liable for any damage caused by:

  • customer
  • third party not connected with the travel
  • unavoidable event unable to avoid by all reasonable efforts required


Ingtours Liability Insurance

Ingtours concluded an insurance contract with Generali Insurance Co. Based on this agreement in case Ingtours is insolvent, the customer is entitled compensation:
a) Ingtours fails to refund the deposit or travel price if the travel was not executed.
b) Ingtours fails to refund the difference between the price paid and the price of the travel in case      only only part of the travel was executed.
Ingtours is obliged to give the customer proof of insurance together with travel contract or travel confirmation. Including insurance company, insurance conditions and method of claim. This document is only valid in conjunction with proof of payment of the travel price / deposit.

Customer claims to Ingtours as a result of non-compliance with the travel Contract are transferred to the insurance company, up to the amount of the transactions provided by the insurer.

Customer's Travel Insurance

The price does not include travel insurance.
Customers are recommended to take out travel insurance that may cover such risks (health, injury, luggage, damage liability, travel cancellation etc.)

Personal Data Processing 

  • For Ingtours services
  • Personal date of the customer as well as accompanying persons (hereinafter personal data) specified in the travel contract (except for the personal ID, etc.) are required for the fulfilment of obligations arising from Ingtours of the travel. CK will be processed..., Respectively. The entrusted administrator in accordance with Act No.101 / 2000 Sb. the effective wording for the time necessary to fulfil statutory obligations CK.
  • Personal data first name + last name + address (incl. email) will also be used for sending Ingtours commercial offers or other administrators unless the customer sends disagreement in writing.
  • For other marketing measures, loyalty bonuses etc. there is a paragraph on the contract form that states the customer agreement to process the personal data to the extent specified in the contract for an indefinite period and that he is empowered to express such consent to the personal information of co-travellers. In case the customer does not agree with this point, he doesn't sign it. The Contract remain unaffected.

Customer acknowledges that if he doesn't agree with the processing of personal data for marketing purposes, he loses all rights to bonuses for regular customers listed in the catalogue and future offerings (if the provision of bonuses is tied to personal data processing). The customer is entitled to cancel the processing of personal data at any time with the consequences mentioned above.

  • The personal idata of the customer within the specified range will be processed by Ingtours automatically - manually, electronically – in printing. Customer's personal date may be disclosed to Ingtours employees, authorized processors and those who are entitled to tourism services to provide or offer and sell services provided or mediated by Ingtours (both EU and non-EU countries), furthermore in the case of electronic contact to those who are entitled to send commercial messages on behalf of Ingtours according to the law no.480 / 2004 col. as amended.
  • The processing of personal data Ingtours is obliged to ensure that the customer don't suffer any harm to their rights, especially the right to human dignity, and ensure the protection against unauthorized intrusion into customers private life.
  • The customer has the right to withdraw the processing of their personal data at any time  in writing. In the case of processing, collection and use of electronic contact details for electronic mail, the customer has the right to refuse to use his electronic contact details when sending each message and manner specified in the Ingtours business communications according to the law no.480 / 2004 as amended.
  • The customer has the right of access to personal data, the right to correct personal data and other rights according to §21law no. 101/2000 as amended.

Verordening van het Europees Parlement en de Raad (EU) 2016/679 van 27 april 2016 betreffende de bescherming van personen in verband met de verwerking van persoonsgegevens en betreffende het vrije verkeer van die gegevens en tot intrekking van Richtlijn 95/46 / EG (GDPR) en andere wetgeving optreden om privacy te wijzigen.

1. Verwerking van persoonsgegevens van klanten en passagiers (GDPR)
De klant begrijpt dat het reisbureau, hotel Svornost in Harrachov zijn toegelaten in het kader van de uitvoering van de reis of accommodatie en voor de nakoming van wettelijke verplichtingen om hun persoonlijke gegevens verwerken voor zover in het bijzonder: naam, identificatienummer, het type van het reisdocument, paspoort, de vervaldatum van het document, bank, geboortedatum, woonplaats, e-mailadres en afleveradres, allergie, drugs- en andere gezondheidsproblemen. Alle persoonlijke gegevens worden alleen opgeslagen voor de tijd gespecificeerd door de wet of de benodigde tijd.
Met het oog op de prestaties van de tour zal de informatie bedoeld in paragraaf. 1 voor zover nodig leveranciers ook voorzien reisbureaus (vooral voor hotels, transportbedrijven indien nodig. Delegates) zijn. Als de reisbestemming buiten de EU ligt, erkent de klant dat zijn of haar persoonlijke gegevens zullen worden verstrekt aan ontvangers in derde landen.
De klant merkt ook op dat het reisbureau is de mate en onder de door de wet verplicht te overhandigen persoonlijke informatie van de klant in het kader bepaald door de wet gestelde voorwaarden.
De klant erkent dat het reisbureau of hotel Svornost in Harrachov zijn persoonlijke gegevens binnen het toepassingsgebied van paragraaf 1 voor verschillende zakelijke communicatie zal verwerken. Een commercieel bericht is een reisbureau of een hotel dat gemachtigd is om te verzenden via sms, mms, e-mail, per post of per telefoon. Tegen het verzenden van commerciële berichten kunnen klanten bezwaar te maken, hetzij bij een reisbureau INGTOURS reisbureau, Benecká ul 921, 543 01 Vrchlabí of e-mail adressen:.,, radka.fajstavrova @ In dit geval zal de reisagent de klant geen zakelijk bericht sturen of zijn of haar persoonlijke gegevens anders verwerken voor directmarketingdoeleinden.
De bovenstaande bepalingen van paragraaf. 1 is van overeenkomstige toepassing met betrekking tot personen ten behoeve van wie de klant contract voor de tour, respectievelijk. accommodatie gesloten (medereizigers). Sluiting van een reis of de orderbevestiging, verklaart de klant dat hij bevoegd is persoon van toestemmingen voor passagiers subsidie, hetzij bij volmacht of andere proxy.

2. Rechten van de klant
De Klant erkent dat de betrokkene in het bijzonder de volgende rechten heeft:
a) Vereist van het reisbureau of hotel Svornost in Harrachov toegang tot persoonlijke gegevens met betrekking tot zijn persoon, de reparatie of verwijdering ervan, of het kan een beperking vragen voor de verwerking van zijn persoonsgegevens, bezwaar maken tegen de verwerking van persoonlijke gegevens, evenals rechten voor gegevensoverdracht.
b) Eisen dat een reisbureau of hotel Svornost in Harrachov vermindering van de verwerking van persoonsgegevens, tenzij (i) de klant de juistheid van hun persoonsgegevens ontkent, en de tijd die nodig is voor de controller om de juistheid van uw persoonlijke gegevens te controleren: (ii) de verwerking van zijn persoonsgegevens illegaal was, maar niet het schrappen van persoonsgegevens op te vragen, maar de beperkingen op het gebruik ervan: (iii) een reisbureau of hotel Svornost in Harrachov meer nodig de persoonlijke gegevens voor de verwerking, maar de behoeften van de klant om te bepalen, de uitoefening of de verdediging van hun vorderingen: ( iv) of een klant bezwaar tegen de verwerking van hun persoonsgegevens, totdat het gaat controleren of geldige redenen aan agentschappen of hotel Svornost reizen in Harrachov opwegen tegen de legitieme redenen voor de klant. Als de verwerking van de persoonlijke gegevens van de klant is beperkt, kunnen de gegevens worden verwerkt, behalve wanneer deze worden opgeslagen, alleen met zijn toestemming.
c) Het recht om een ​​klacht in te dienen bij een toezichthoudende autoriteit zoals het Bureau voor de bescherming van persoonsgegevens.
d) Zorg voor een reisbureau of hotel Svornost elk moment een bevestiging dat zijn persoonsgegevens worden verwerkt, en zo ja, een reisbureau of hotel Svornost plicht op zijn verzoek informatie: (i) het doel van de verwerking, (ii) categorie (iv) het bestaan ​​van het recht om te verzoeken om verwijdering of beperking, (v) het recht om een ​​klacht in te dienen bij de Toezichtautoriteit.
e) Voor het verkrijgen van uw persoonlijke reisgegevens agency of hotel Svornost proces vaak gebruikt in een machine-leesbaar formaat en zendt deze naar een andere beheerder van persoonsgegevens wanneer de overdracht is gebaseerd op toestemming voor de verwerking van persoonsgegevens.

Meer informatie over het gebruik van cookies

Geachte gebruikers,
Op dit punt willen we duidelijk te informeren over het gebruik van cookies te gebruiken in verband met de bescherming van persoonsgegevens.

1. Wie beheert uw persoonlijke gegevens?
De beheerder van uw persoonlijke gegevens is Ingtours Travel Agency spol. s r.

2. Hoe kunt u contact opnemen met mijn persoonlijke gegevensbeheerder?
Als u geïnteresseerd bent in de manier waarop wij uw persoonlijke gegevens verwerken, kunt u contact met ons opnemen op:
Ingtours cestovní kancelář spol. .. S ro, Benecká ul 921, 543 01 Vrchlabí of email.,,, ID vak: 5jeb4jb.

3. Hoe kan ik akkoord gaan met de opslag van cookies op mijn apparaat?
In uw browserinstellingen kunt u cookies instellen op uw apparaat. Deze instelling kan worden beschouwd als instemming met de verwerking van persoonsgegevens. Browser is dus een instrument voor het bemiddelen van toestemming. Als u geen cookies wilt opslaan, volstaat het om deze instelling op de juiste manier in uw browser in te stellen.

4. Welke gegevens verwerken we en de opslagperiode?
- Gegevens browserinstellingen
- Informatie over weergegeven accommodatie
- Gebruik van onze website
- Marketingaanbiedingen
- Opslagtijd meestal 14 dagen

5. Hoe krijgen we toegang tot de aldus verkregen gegevens?
Gegevens worden opgevraagd door Google LLC, die deze verwerkt op basis van automatische advertentieverwerking.

6. U draagt ​​mijn persoonlijke gegevens over naar derde landen, buiten de EU?
We geven uw persoonlijke gegevens niet door aan derde landen buiten de EU.

Final Provisions

These General Terms and Conditions are effective from 20th February 2016 and apply to all holidays and accommodation purchased from that date.
Possible invalidity of individual provisions does not affect the overall validity of the conditions and contracts.


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